Amber Suggitt, Ph.D.

German and ESL Instructor


I taught and studied from 2007-2013 in the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures at OSU. My area of research is 18th century (Enlightenment) Literature with a focus on the emergence of psychology and representations of individuality, identity, and development. I am particularly interested in the works of Karl Philipp Moritz, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Friederike Helene Unger, Caroline von Wolzogen, Friedrich Schiller, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and Heinrich von Kleist. I am also interested in Translation Studies and have begun translating Friederike Helene Unger’s Bekenntnisse einer schönen Seele. I completed my dissertation, “Between Becoming and Being: Representations of the Individual in Friederike Helene Unger’s Novels,” in 2014 and received my Ph.D. in 2015. Currently I am working and teaching German at Northern Michigan University.

B.A. Western Michigan University (German) 2007
B.A. Western Michigan University (French) 2007
M.A. The Ohio State University (German Literature) 2009
Ph.D. The Ohio State University (German Literature) 2015

Curriculum Vitae
Statement of Teaching Philosophy

Courses Taught:
German 101
German 102
German 103
German 104
German 250
German 6101

German 2367
ESL 072, 082, 092
German 202, German 302
German 201
German 301
German 310

Winter Semester 2015:
German 102
German 202
IP 290
IP 490